Artillery Chests

Union or Confederate

Civil War Artillery Chest Civil War Artillery Chest

Historical Inspiration

Features:  Union - Depends on type of cannon and Projectile.  Price includes one coat of primer plus finish coat and stenciling.
Confederate - Unfinished with Black or Dark Brown stenciling

Arsenals: We have several hand made stencils from many arsenals. Click here for the link to our colors and stencils page

Rope Handles - 1/2" Hemp* (authentic)

Lid stops inside lid to keep lid from sliding off. Also, it helps prevent warping.

Steel Screws in Lid -  (non-functioning)


Made out of 3/4" pine,  lid is full 1" thick pine.


Various sizes depending on type of cannon and projectile. Exact size of box based on internal dimensions as listed in the "1861 Ordnance Manual". To order a chest you will need to provide the following information:

 1. Caliber & Type of cannon - For example; 12 Pdr Mountain Howitzer.

2. Type of Projectile - solid shot, spherical case, etc. This determines the color of the box.

3. Arsenal -

4. Date - (year & month)

Shipping Weight:

Approximately 35 lbs.

Other Information:

These boxes are made to order but are usually ready to ship within a month.

WOW Civil War Artillery Chest Mountain Howitzer
Civil War Artillery Chest Sperical Case Civil War Artillery Chest Spherical Case
Civil War Artillery Chest Case Shot Civil War Artillery Chest Shell
Civil War Artillery Chest Hotchkiss Civil War Artillery Chest Hotchkiss Case Shot
Civil War Artillery Chest Shell Fixed Watervliet Arsenal Artillery Chest Collection

Artillery Ammunition Chest - Unfinished
w/ Dark Brown Stenciling
ArCo1                                               $60.00


Artillery Ammunition Chest
w/ White Stenciling
ArCo2                                                 $75.00


When you place your order please let us know the Arsenal and date that you want on your chests.


We accept the following methods of payment via email or through telephone order.

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If you do not wish to use Paypal please email us so we can make other arrangements.
We accept money orders and personal checks from established accounts only

*We do NOT ship internationally. We ship only to the 48 contiguous United States*  

All items built in Frenchboro, Maine by Charlies Boatworks.
A family owned and run independent business.

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