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A soldiers "Box from Home"

From the beginning of the Civil War Adam's Express shipped a vast quantity of mail and supplies both public and private to and from the those serving in the military and their loved ones at home.

Even official correspondence was shipped sometimes through private companies such as Adam's Co., Wells Fargo, etc.

One of the most crucial services for morale was the delivery of mail to and from the soldiers in the field. Thus the original "care package" from home originated during this time.

An agent at the Hilton Head Adam's Express office in South Carolina said, “What a joy a box of goodies from home was. How pathetic the faces of those who inquired again and again and received nothing!”

In the "boxes from home" families would send socks, shirts, soap, shaving items, foodstuffs, paper, writing instruments, anything that would help their loved one endure.

It is with great pleasure that we introduce to our customers our version of a "box from home" based on some original photographs that we have found in our research.

        Civil War Ephemera

Civil War Ephemera

Features: These boxes are made out of 5/8" pine that is smooth on both sides.
The lid is pre-drilled for four woodscrews (supplied).
The screws might appear rusty since they are unplated steel.
Includes replica blank shipping label and replica Adam's Express stamps

Size and Price:
4"h x 8"w x 12" l --- Small --- $25.00

6"h x 10"w x 12" l --- Medium --- $28.00

8"h x 10"w 12" l --- Large --- $32.00