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Squibb Pannier

A complete set of reproduction labels for all 52 tins is now available. This set includes labels for both Astoria and Philadelphia laboratories, 104 labels in all. Philadelphia laboratory labels are numbered 1 to 52 just like the originals. Free shipping for the labels to the lower 48 contiguous states.



blacktea acidumtannicum

A complete set of tins can be purchased at Dixie Tinworks

Labels for the tins created by Charlies Boatworks:



As a service to our customers you can download this lid label free of charge.

Historical Inspiration

Historical Inspiration - National Museum of Civil War Medicine

Reproduction Medical Pannier - $350.00

Reproduction Medical Tin Labels - $20.00

Features: This is an authentic replica of the "medicine chest supplied by the hospital department of the U.S. Army" by Dr. Edward R Squibb, otherwise known as the "Squibb Pannier".

Material: Made out of 1" nominal white pine. The box is reinforced on the outside by a frame of 1/8" thick steel and has 52 compartments. The 4" deep, lift out tray has an additional 5 compartments.

Measurements: 22" l x 12" wide x 11 5/8" high

Shipping Weight: 45 lbs and would be 88lbs with all of the original contents, none of which is included.

Other Information: about the Pannier--The wood is lightly stained and finished with boiled linseed oil. The metal is painted gloss black. An authentic replica of the original label is attached to the back. This is a great item for a surgeon's impression.