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Civil War Replica Field Desks

historical information

Field Desk 1

cherry field desk
Cherry Stain

Early American field desk
Early American Stain

cherry field desk vertical slats
Please indicate your preference for horizontal or vertical slats

3-Compartments large enough for the 16" Company Book

cherry field desk

Features: The design of this field desk is based on one pictured in Francis A. Lord's book "Civil War Collector's Encyclopedia" - Volume III, Page 21.

The desk is made of 1" white pine, lightly stained and treated with 2 coats of Linseed Oil. There are 2 drawers for stamps, coins, or pen nibs.

The drawer fronts are made of solid cherry for the Cherry stained and Early American stained versions while the Walnut stained version has solid walnut fronts. Drawer pulls are made from solid hardwood.

All hardware is steel and treated to look like authentic Civil War Period. All screws are slotted and there are a total of 14 different compartments.

The front drops down to be used as a writing surface, which is made from pine and cherry. The narrower cherry strips can be vertical or horizontal. Please state if you have a preference.

Size: The desk, when closed measures approximately 22" high, 21" wide and 13" deep.

Other Information: Built with cut nails. finish nails and exterior carpenter's glue, this desk is sturdy, functional and easy to carry.

Please Note: Other interior configurations are available.
Please see the "customer special orders" section for more ideas!

hasp and staple
Standard Hasp and Staple.

desk handles
Modern half mortise key lock - open .... $30 (includes 2 keys)

desk handles
Modern half mortise key lock - closed .... $30 (includes 2 keys)

period half mortise
Period half mortise key lock - open .... $35 (includes 2 keys)

hardwood catch
Detail of hardwood catch ....

desk handles
Period half mortise key lock - closed .... $35 (includes 2 keys)

field desk drawers
Standard cherry drawer fronts cut from a single board with cherry handles.

desk handles
Standard handles

bottom stencil
Bottom stencil

Available Stains


Field Desk 1 - $320.00

Ordering Instructions:Email us with your postal zip code so we can figure the shipping. Shipping weight is approximately 40 lbs. (charlie at charliesboatworks dot com)

* Modern Half mortise key lock + $30.00
* Period Half mortise key lock + $35.00
* Custom Stencil, unit or officer name, etc. + $25.00
* Coffee rings and cigar burns option (field detailing) ... no charge


Po' Boy Field Desk - Field Desk 3

po boy

The “Poor Boy” Hardtack box field desk.

Made from a Army hard bread box, this field desk is not based on a specific original desk but rather a possible use for one of the many thousands of hardtack boxes issued during the war.

The outside dimensions are 24.5 inches long, 14.75 wide and 10.75 deep when laying down and the insides are rough. The inside compartments are made of half inch pine and all visible nails are cut nails. The 2 drawers have small leather pulls and are also nailed together.

The desk has a total of 11 compartments including 2 drawers and has no finish on it. The lid folds down and is attached by 2 iron hinges (imported-sneaked by the blockade just for you Johnies).

Vertical Version

vertical po boy

Horizontal Version
horizontal po boyhorizontal po boy

Field Desk-Po' Boy - Field Desk 3 - $245.00

Please let us know if you would like a horizontal or vertical box.

See Our Special Orders page for other field desks that we have made.

New Products

- Replica 19th Century Wooden Pencils

These pencils are made of unfinished cedar, but they have a round “lead” instead of the square leads the originals had.

They sell for :

50 cents a piece
$5 for a dozen

complete with a reproduction label.

You will have to sharpen them with a knife since reliable mechanical sharpeners were not common until after the Civil War.

- Replica 19th Century Dip Pens

Model # 1-is copied from an original we have here, comes with a Gillott #303 nib which is replaceable. Birch wood painted with oil-based gloss black paint. $7 each or $70 per dozen of any combination of model numbers 1,2 & a wooden box with a replica label.
...More models on the way!...

- Replica 19th Century Rocker Blotters

While we have not seen any documented use of a rocker blotter in the Civil War, there is at least one patent in 1858 for one. We have duplicated the basic design of this to produce our version. Although they were not mentioned in the Quartermasters Manual, we think private purchases of these would have been possible. Ours is entirely made here out of pine, oak and birch. The handle is turned on a lathe in our island workshop. Included with the purchase of one of these is 4 extra sheets of blotter paper which was supplied by the Army in large sheets to be cut up in the field. The handles unscrew to facilitate blotter paper changes. We make them in walnut stain with a linseed oil finish, red chestnut with a linseed oil finish and gloss black to match our dip pen model #1.These are $15 a piece, includes blotter paper plus 4 extra sheets.