Hardtack Boxes

Historical Inspiration

Union Mechanical Hardtack

"Report of the wreckage of the Brig Keoka, Burns, Havana 14 ds., with sugar to Brett, Son & Co. Dec. 12, lat. 38 55, lon. 72 40, at 3 P.M., ran through an immense floating mass of boxes, with some small pieces of boards, resembling pieces of bulwarks; a vessel's gangway stage, [and] amp;c.; these boxes extended 6 or 7 miles, literally covering the water; picked up a new cork fender and 15 of the boxes, which contained bread, and apparently not more than 15 or 20 hours in the water. as some of the bread was scarcely soaked through; the boxes were marked 50 lbs. army bread, from Union Mechanical Baking Co., No. 45 Leonard-st., New-York, U.S. Oct. Sub. Dep. 1862.

AT Hanks Original
Robert Stears Original

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