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Maine Rebels - The original 15th Alabama Company G is honored by several reenacting units across the country. Reenactors from Pennsylvania, Florida, Washington State, Maine and Alabama march, drill and dress as the original 15th did.

Dixie Tinworks - Authentic tin ware at very reasonable prices - Lots of cannon information

Camp Chase Gazette - A classic

Reenactors of the American Civil War - Northern California based group

USNLP - U.S. Naval Landing Party - Outstanding source for Civil War Navy History

Civil War Preservation Trust - The best organization for helping to preserve Civil War historical sites

Reenactors Mission for Jesus Christ - from the site: "a tribute to the heroism of those men who comprised the ranks of the chaplaincy during the War Between the States (Civil War), to their unswerving devotion to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to the missionary work they began in the 1860s"

Chaplains Museum from their mission statement: "The mission of the National Civil War Chaplains Research Center and Museum Foundation is to educate the public about the role of chaplains, priests, rabbis, and religious organizations in the Civil War; to promote the continuing study of the many methods of dissemination of religious doctrine and moral teachings during the war; to preserve religious artifacts;and to present interpretive programs that show the influence of religion on the lives of political and military personnel."

Target Sports - Civil War Firearms - A historical look at firearms of the civil war period.